I really like to imagine that Romney has locked himself in his campaign bus…

periodically snarling “NO! I’ll tell YOU when it’s over!”

I like that Romney is all about bombing Iran until he’s actually offered a proper hypothetical…

and he blushes like a schoolboy.

Oh fuck you on the Apology Tour it’s been debunked over and over again

Hey remember when Sarah Palin didn’t vomit on stage next to Joe Biden…

and everyone said she “exceeded expectations”?

Yeah, that’s how Mitt Romney “won” this debate.

Romney Attempts to Appear Strong on Foreign Policy, Exposes Weakness on Foreign Policy

This is like the 4th or 5th time he’s done this now.

New Anti-Marriage Equality Romney SuperPAC Ad

In it we see the reality of the turmoil that nice straight white people will suffer under marriage equality. They’ll have to read newspapers and be unhappy with the content!

Damnit! Why can’t I cry!? Just a single manly tear c’mon! You can do this Mitt! Think of your dead dad! Just a squirt! It’ll humanize you! CRY! CRYYYY!!!! — Mitt Romney’s Inner Monologue

Not to be outdone at the DNC George Clooney will argue with an invisible Romney

portrayed by this opulent wine chair:

Curved Arm Paisley Wine Chair

As we enter the RNC let’s not forget that these people wasted 6 months trying to find ANYONE other than Romney to run as their candidate…

before eventually saying “Fuck it, fine, Romney”