Really tempted to do Workout/Mansplaining-Paul Ryan for Halloween

That meme better survive the next 20 days!

So, peace through bombing Iran then?

That’s really the only foreign policy the Republicans understand isn’t it?

For the sake of argument let’s say it was Obama’s fault that the Janesville GM plant was closed…

GM sales have been very strong this year, almost at pre-recession levels. They seem to be doing fine without that plant.

Is the President supposed to stand in the way of what was ultimately a good business decision?

Shouldn’t Paul “Atlas Shrugged” Ryan be excited that the hand of the free market has led to a private company’s success? Even if it fucks the people of his district.

It’s been a fun day to watch the media dialogue on Paul Ryan slowly change…

From young handsome deficit hawk to that guy who lied his ass off to the RNC.

Look, I’m sure this makes me sound like a “liberal elite”…

but for god’s sake will someone get Paul Ryan a tailor? He always looks like a 14-year old wearing his big brother’s suits to his uncle’s wedding.