"Stop using a tragedy to push a political ‘agenda’ and talk about gun control."


Yeah, because wanting to save lives and caring about humanity is outrageous

People who care more about their individual “right” to own a weapon designed to murder other individuals and deprive them of their right to LIFE are disgusting. 

Only in the United States would people be complaining about their right to own weapons that are used to murder tens of thousands of people every year. The right to life is more important than your “right” to own a lethal weapon. 

The Second Amendment is bullshit. The founding fathers added the Second Amendment in hopes of avoiding to establish a national military and instead create a small militia to protect the United States, not arm every citizen. Human-beings are flawed. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are flawed. Neither are gospel. We had slaves for centuries, kids. The Constitution is a living document that evolves as society evolves and our society has evolved into a gun crazy, murderous pit in hell. Gain an ounce of humanity, please

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