Watching last night’s Daily Show


Did anyone notice that Fox & Friends has replaced the co-anchor they offended into leaving with sexist jokes (Gretchen Carlson) with a look-alike?!

Haven’t you noticed that Fox News casts women so that they’re mostly interchangeable?:

I think it’s because their audience fears change… well, that or they just love themselves some white blonde ladies.

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  9. bloodyrainbows answered: I think they just have a cloning facility in the basement.
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    oh man! They replaced her? I thought it made for an awkward moment for them that they would pretend never happened
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    It’s like RPG customization! Take the same basic woman, give her some hair style options and an age slider.
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  14. afunnyfeminist said: Fox & Friends consistently fills in Gretchen Carlson’s seat with one of several blonde white women when she’s not there. They use a giant claw machine to pick up Gretchen and drop New Blonde Lady. I read it on Drudge, so it’s accurate.
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    Yes, basically. They are a carefully constructed fantasy. They show just enough cleavage but not too much because that...
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    Stepford Wives
  17. dutchessofdork said: Sorry, I sent the last picture. I wanted to add, that I think most Fox News Anchors have a certain look to them, I cannot tell the difference between them.
  18. dutchessofdork answered:…
  19. unapologetically-abrasive answered: Not surprised…
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    I was reading through replies to this and someone mentioned the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode where they replace...
  21. syntheticbaeddel answered: That… and if people saw their anchor changing so often, they might realize something was up. Or not. They are Fox News viewers after all.
  22. ivegotnotoleranceforignorance answered: I didn’t know that she quit. Good for her.
  23. winter-hoof answered: That’s kind of really scary.
  24. yarnlass answered: whaaaaa no way i missed that
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  27. soupisnotameal answered: Wait. Did she leave for good? I thought she just walked off for one day.
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