Hey Libertarians and Paul-fans, just so you know “End The Fed” is an awful slogan…

purely from a messaging perspective. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone who hasn’t already been indoctrinated. Heck most people don’t even know what the Federal Reserve Bank is (and that includes more than a few libertarians that I’ve met).

Just saying, it’s not much of a rallying cry when the only people you can rally with it are people you’ve already rallied. 

Speaking of…

Again, you guys simply need better marketers. What the fuck does this even mean? Okay so it’s stencil art, so you get this kinda underground feel, that’s fine. But what’s the deal with the EVOL? It’s mirrored, so what, was a guy painting on the other side of a glass window? Does LOVE have something to do with states rights?

Even if you have an explanation it just. doesn’t. read. If you want to play in the big leagues you need to have more vague, versatile, and coherent messaging. If you’re expecting to reach Americans you have to make some sort of effort to sell to them in a way they understand. I’m not totally sure how I’d market it but then, frankly, I don’t really care for the product.

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