I can’t get too upset about the NYC 16oz soda thing…

If I’m out at the movies and I’m offered an extra 40% for only 5 cents moreĀ I don’t think I mind the government stepping in and saying “are you sure about that? you don’t need that.” and then he’ll look at the guy at the cash register “he doesn’t need that.”

Then I’ll buy my 16oz soda, watch Dark Knight Rises and not have my bladder explode by the end of it because my body didn’t have anywhere to put 102oz’s of Mr. Pibb. And let’s say I get thirsty, let’s say 16oz wasn’t enough, I can just go back and get another one. It is still my right to drink as much soda as I want, my right to have it all in one container at one time in certain places has been diminished but, frankly, that’s probably for the best.

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    Let’s not forget that the sizes themselves have gotten bigger, especially at movie theaters. When I ordered a small soda...
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